Our goal at My Baby Nurses is to provide mothers and babies with the proper instruction and support needed to successfully initiate and sustain breastfeeding within the privacy and convenience of their own home.

   We are a locally owned business in Mequon, Wisconsin. We provide in-home Lactation Counseling services. We consider our service area to be anywhere within 50 miles of Mequon, Wisconsin. Locations outside this service area will be charged a $30.00 fee.

  • Initial In Home Consultation: $125 ($150 for multiples)
  • Follow-up In Home Consults: $60
  • Initial In Home Consult and Follow-up Package: $150
  • Phone Support 24/7: After Initial Consultation, Phone Support is free and encouraged.
   Due to my years of experience as an RN/CLC on a mom/baby, Labor and Delivery, and NICU areas of the hospital I have learned babies should be breastfed “on demand”. Feeding “on demand” simply means feeding your baby whenever they signal that they are hungry (feeding cues), rather than according to a set schedule. This can make it difficult to schedule a full feeding observation in a strict time frame. For the first consultation we do not charge an hourly rate; rather we have a flat fee for an initial visit of 1½ to 3 hours. This is done to ensure we are assessing the mother and baby instead of watching the clock. This also allows us enough time to observe a complete feeding session and address all of the mother’s concerns and questions. A follow-up visit is recommended after your initial consultation to review your technique and address any new questions or concerns.

   We always provide you with a detailed bill of the services that we provide you. Many insurance companies cover our charges, and the detailed bill can be used to submit them a claim for reimbursement.